1870  -  1920




Not a lot of any of our people here. It was a Territory until 1890. Fort Laramie was established in 1849, and was the only settlement in the area. When the Dakota Territory was established in 1861, it included all of Wyoming. The Wyoming Territory was established in 1868 and it remained a Territory until 1890 when it became the 44th state.




WILLIAM C. PUTNAM  Atlantic City, Sweetwater County

He is a miner, 21 WI and living in a boarding house/shack of sorts. He is William Charles Putnam, son of Charles Wesley Putnam and Ellen Coyle. He was born in Milwaukee on July 11, 1848. He will be marrying Elizabeth Bird here in Wyoming in 1874 and will be in Dell Rapids, Minnehaha County, South Dakota in 1880. See that listing for this line.





This is the full census, not just the Soundex portion.


HIRAM PUTNAM  Big Laramie River, Albany County

He is a farmer, 24 NH and single. He is a son of Alonzo Putnam and Hannah Cole. He is at home in Haverhill, Grafton County, New Hampshire in 1860.


C. F. (CLARENCE FRANCIS) PUTNAM  Cheyenne, Laramie County

He is 32 VT, Ida Robinson Smith, his wife, 28 RI and they have Edith 7 months WY. Also there are Sarah L. Smith 52 RI, Bertha L. Smith 22 IA. They are Ida's mom and sister. He married Ida Smith here in Cheyenne on January 1, 1879. In 1900 he will be in Denver, Colorado. He is a son of Mark Richardson Putnam (#1187) and Polly B. Snow of Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont. See that listing in the 1850 Vermont Census for this lineage, it is Clarence > Mark > John > Timothy > Seth > Thomas > Thomas > John.


ELIZA PUTNAM  Cheyenne, Laramie County

She is a black girl, 25 OH, and a laundress.





SADY PUTNAM  No Township, Albany County

She is 25 NY Jan 1875.


WALTER PUTMAN  Lost Cabin, Freemont County

He is 29 MO May 1871 and lives alone. He is a son of Jeremiah Martin Putnam of Calloway County, Missouri.


CLARENCE PUTNAM  Cheyenne, Laramie County

He is 43 KY Sep 1856, Mamie 39 MD Oct 1859, Clarence Jr. 9 WY May 1891, Hattie 5 WY Mar 1895. Also there is his sister Elizabeth Putnam 35 KY Jan 1865. I cannot find him in KY in 1860. Probably part of the Massachusetts folks in Jefferson County, near Louisville in the 1850s.


RALPH PUTNAM  Cheyenne, Laramie County

He is 31 NE Jan 1869, Mary 30 MN Mar 1870, Jane 3 KS Feb 1897 and Roscoe 1 MO Dec 1898. I do not find him in 1870 or 1880.


FREDERICK PUTNAM  Casper, Natrona County

He is 42 MA Dec 1857, and boarding with Edward Browning. He is a son of Darius Putnam and Sarah Brigham of Worcester, Massachusetts.


GEORGE W. PUTNAM  Dayton Pct., Sheridan County

He is 30 NE Dec 1857 (43?), Sadie 45 OH Apr 1855.


ANDREW J. (JACKSON) PUTMAN  No Township, Uinta County

He is 53 ME Dec 1847, Caroline (Petersen) 34 SWE Jul 1865, Lenora 17 UT Dec 1882, Albert 15 UT Dec 1884, Calvin 13 UT Nov 1886, Sophia 11 Jan 1889, Annie S. 9 UT Aug 1890, Mary E. 8 UT Mar 1892, Gustave E. 3 UT Apr 1897, Horatio G. (Gates) 1 WY Jun 1898 and Esther C. 3/12 WY Mar 1900. He is a son of Horatio Gates Putnam from Rumford Maine. See Utah Section for details. Andy and Caroline were married in Salt Lake City like all good Mormons on May 27, 1896. They are in Ogden, Utah in 1910, and Caroline or Lena as she is often listed will be with the kids in Ogden in 1920.


L. N. (LOUIS NAPOLEON) PUTNAM  Red Canyon, Uinta County

He is 48 NY Oct 1851, Maggie Cashin, his wife, is 36 NY Feb 1864, Edmond 11 WY Aug 1888, Albert 10 WY May 1890, Franklin 8 WY Jul 1891, Roslyn 4 WY Sep 1895, Marguerite 3 WY Mar 1897. Also there is Maggie's sister, Mary Cashin 47 NY. They will be in Utah in 1910. Any way, he is the son of Orrin Putnam and Sophia Huntington of Bethany, Genesee County, New York.


SETH H. (HARRIS) PUTNAM  Star Valley, Uinta County

He is 69 ME Apr 1830, Anna M. (Anna Maria Tucker) 44 WALES Aug 1855, Orson Charles 16 UT Feb 1884, Roy Gilman 14 UT Jul 1885, Mary Isabel 10 WY Sep 1889 and Clara Annie 5 WY Sep 1894. He is Seth Harris Putnam and Anna Marie Tucker is his second wife. They were married November 16, 1882 in Logan, Utah. His first wife Athalinda Philbrick was here in the 1880s and is now at his other house in Rich County, Utah where she is hanging out at this time.


ARTHUR L. (LAWRENCE) PUTNAM  Newcastle, Weston County

He is 41 WI Aug 1858, Eva T. 29 NE Jan 1871 and Arthur L. Jr. 2 WY Nov 1897. He is a son of George Washington Putnam and Martha Rebecca Brewer of Burke, Dane County, Wisconsin. His folks are from Windsor County, Vermont. He was single in Dane County in 1880. They are here again in 1910.





THEODORE PUTMAN  Fort Steele, Carbon County

He is 34 MI, his wife Edna is 43 NY. He works in a saw mill. He is a son of John Putnam and Mary Randall of Tuscola County, Michigan. He was at home there in 1880 and in Teller County, Colorado in 1900, and will be in Butte, Silver Bow County, Montana in 1920.


JOHN H. PUTNAM  Douglas, Converse County

He is 22 OH OH OH and is boarding. He looks like the son of Alexander Putman and Mary Elizabeth King of Mercer County, Ohio. He was home there in 1900. German family out of Pennsylvania.


MARY PUTMAN  Lusk, Converse County

She is 67 NY NY IRE. She is listed as a servant with Charles Wheeler 33 IL.


BAXTER C. (CLEVELAND) PUTNAM  Fort D. A. Russell, Laramie County

He is 25 NC NC NC. He is in the Army in the Field Artillery Division. He is a son of James Monroe and Sarah Louise Putman. He is also listed at home with them in Cleveland County, North Carolina. They were in South Carolina in 1900.


HARRY F. (FRANKLIN) PUTNAM  Sunshine, Park County

He is 21 NH, his wife Grace Merrill. 20 CAN. They live with her parents Martin and Nettie Merrill 45 CAN NH ME, and their kids all born in New Hampshire. Also now in 1910, Grace and her mom are listed in Coos County, New Hampshire with more of their kinfolk from Canada. Harry is a son of Arthur O. Putnam and May Franklin from Sullivan and then Cheshire County New Hampshire. He was at home in Walpole, Cheshire County New Hampshire in 1900. He was born there July 27, 1889 and will die in Nevada County California January 31, 1962. Grace is a daughter of Martin Merrill and Nettie Wilkinson and was born August 31, 1891 and will die in Riverside, California December 27, 1966. They are back in Epping, New Hampshire in 1920 and Portland, Maine by 1930.


WILLIAM A. PUTMAN  North Sheridan, Sheridan County

He is 26 MD MD MD and a Private in the Army at Fort McKenzie. He is a son of John H. and Elizabeth Putman from Washington County, Maryland. German family. He is married and in Des Moines, Iowa in 1920. And still in the Army.


R. (RUTHERFORD) B. PUTMAN  Sheridan, Sheridan County

He is Rutherford B. Putman 33 NE IL IA. He is boarding. He is a son of Horace Putman and Catherine Brakeman. He was home in Polk County, Nebraska in 1880.


ATHALINDA PUTNAM  Auburn, Uinta County

She is 76 ME NH NH and widowed, and has her daughter Marie R. 32 UT. She is the first wife of Seth Harris Putnam from Maine. They are in Lincoln County in 1920.



He is 34 UT ME ME, Lucy Hildt 28 GER, Mona I. 11 UT, Euvern F. 9 UT, Leola 7 UT, Edwina Mabel 5 WY, Aldon I. 2 WY and Charles E. 5/12 WY. He is a son of Seth and Arthalinda Putnam. He was at home in 1900 in Rich County, Utah, and will be in Lincoln County, Wyoming in 1920.


ARTHUR L. (LAWRENCE) PUTNAM  Newcastle, Weston County

He is 51 WI VT VT, Eva T. 39 NE, and a son A. Lawrence 12 WY. He is a son of George Washington Putnam and Martha Rebecca Brewer of Burke, Dane County, Wisconsin. His folks are from Windsor County, Vermont. They were here in 1900 and will be in Cheyenne, Laramie County in 1920 and 1930.





HARRY PUTMAN  No Township, Campbell County

He is 39 MN (listed 36 MN in 1910, 55 MN in 1930), Teckla Soderberg 32 SWED, Harriet 14 IL, Forest 10 IL, Vivian 7 IL and Harry Gordon Putman 3 IL. They were in Libertyville, Lake County, Illinois in 1910 living with her folks Adolph and Charlotte Soderberg. His middle name is Gordon. Best I can figure is if you look at the 1880 Minnesota census entry for Henry Putnam and Harriet Brown in McLeod County. You will see him listed as a grandson. Henry only had one son, Gordon Winslow Putnam, who was also in that entry and widowed. Kid would be his, but no idea as to the wife. Gordon was by himself in 1870 too. So he got married around 1872 had Harry and the wife died before 1880. This has been confirmed by a descendant of his son Harry Gordon Putnam, Jr. Gordon was by himself in 1870 too. So he got married around 1872 had Harry and the wife died before 1880. They are here in 1930.


JAMES A. (ALFRED) PUTNAM  Cheyenne River, Converse County

He is 28 KS living alone. He is a son of Allison Putman and Frances ‘Fannie’ Beecham. He was born November 10, 1891 in Highland, Jewell County Kansas and is with his family in 1900 and 1910 in Jewell County, Kansas. His dad is from Iowa, his grand dad from New York. He will be single in Clark County South Dakota in 1930 and married there in 1940. New York Dutch Family.


JOHN J. PUTNAM  Glenrock, Converse County

He is a son of John Abraham Putnam from Vermont. He was in Appanoose County, Iowa in both 1880 and 1900. He is now 46 IA, his wife Myrtle D. is 39 IA, Ruth 6 WY and Joan 1 WY. Myrtle is his second wife. He divorced Mary Miller around 1905, and she is still back in Appanoose County, Iowa with two kids. Myrtle has a son of hers, Trenton Paxton 19 IA with her. There is also a niece or nephew, Sylvan Tyrril 27 IA with them. They are here in 1930.


RUTHERFORD B. PUTMAN  Kirby, Hot Springs County

He is 42 NE, Maud F. Taylor 39 NE. Also there is his sister in law, Beatrice Taylor 33 NE. He is a son of Horace and Kate Putman from Illinois. He was at home in 1880 in Polk County, Nebraska.


THERESA PUTNAM  No Township, Hot Springs County

She is 31 AR and a servant with a non-registered family.


ARTHUR L. (LAWRENCE) PUTNAM  Cheyenne, Laramie County

They were in Weston County in 1900 and 1910. He is now 60 WI, Eva 49 NE, Arthur 22 WY and is married to Jane Eulalie 21 WY. Also there is a boarder May Clouser 21 WY. They are here in 1930. The son Arthur and his wife Eulalie will be in West Laramie, Albany County in 1930.


ORSON C. (CHARLES) PUTNAM  Afton, Lincoln County

He is 34 UT, Stella (Estella Hazel Devenberg) 19 NE and Orson F. 2/12 WY. He is a son of Seth Putnam from Vermont and was with the family in 1900 in Uinta County, Wyoming. Orson and Stella were married here December 19, 1916. They will bounce back and forth between Wyoming and Idaho for the next bunch of years. They are in Idaho in 1930 and 1935 but I can’t find them. Orson will die in Idaho April 23, 1936 and Stella/Hazel will marry Andrew Norson there about 1938 and they are there in Jefferson County in 1940.


ATHALINDA PUTNAM  No Township, Lincoln County

She is the first wife of Seth Harris Putnam from Maine, and is widowed. She is 86 ME, her daughter Marie is 41 UT. She was in Rich County, Utah in 1900. They didn't get listed in 1880 for some reason. Her son Frank Nathaniel is also here in the County as is her grandson Euvern. She was in Unita County in 1910 and said she was widowed.


EUVERN F. (FRANCIS) PUTNAM  No Township, Lincoln County

He is Frank Putnam and Lucy Hildt's son and was just born April 22, 1900 to make the 1900 census of Rich County, Utah. He is now 19 UT, Ruth Alice Searight 17 KS and young Euvern 1 5/12 WY. The son Euvern Francis was born in 1929 and will die soon. There will be a Euvern Searight born in 1929


FRANK N. (NATHANIEL ISRAEL) PUTNAM  No Township, Lincoln County

Seth and Athalinda's son is now 43 UT, Lucy Hildt 39 GER, Leola 17 UT, Edwina Mabel 15 UT, Aldon Israel 12 WY, Charles Nathaniel 10 WY, Vera 7 WY, Lora 5 WY and Loreen 1 1/12 WY. Frank and Lucy were married here October 3, 1907. They were in Unita County in 1910. The son Aldon was born October 3, 1907 and will die in Auburn, Colorado in September 1983. He will marry Vira Greene June 17, 1931. She was born October 19, 1908 and will die in Sandy, Utah August 27, 2004.


MARY E. PUTNAM  Lusk, Niobrara County

She is 76 PA and listed as mother (in law probably) of Daniel Durgan.