Even though Texas was a Mexican Territory until 1836, Americans from the Southeastern states began moving into the area in the 1820s and by the mid 1830s there were some 20,000 settlers. The Texas War of Independence was won in 1836 and Texas became a Republic. In 1845 it became the 28th State in the United States and thousands began migrating into this huge part of America. Our Putmans were no exception.

The first to come was Mitchell Putman from South Carolina in 1834. His brother Reuben came about three years later in 1837. They settled in Gonzales County.

In the latter 1840s, Thomas Rogers Putman moved with his family from Hall County, Georgia and settled in Caldwell County.

Also in the 1840s, Madison Dekalb Putman, son of Simeon Putman and Peggy Mercer came from Alabama to Williamson County and then to Llano County.

After Independence was won, the flood began in the 1850s and Putmans from the Carolinas and the Southeast came in rather large numbers. By 1880, we were represented all over the state.

This section is about the early arrivals and their families. If you read the notes in the TEXAS CENSUS Section that follows, you can see where all the later arrivals came from and what their connections were.